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Easy to do Card Magic by Geno Munari gives you  26 tricks  that you can do with a borrowed deck.  No complicated sleight of hand, no deck set-up, completely impromptu and easy to learn. 

The first trick in the book,  You Did It , has the magician (or spectator) cut the deck.  The spectator takes one half and the magician the other.  Both the magician and spectator choose a card from their half of the deck.  The spectator's card is on top of his half and the magician's card is on the bottom of his half.  The halves are put together so that both selected cards are together in the middle of the deck.  

The spectator then puts the deck behind his back and places the top card face up into the center of the deck.  "What are the chances that the card placed into the deck went between the two selected cards?"

Not very good!  However when the deck is spread and the face up card found, it is seen to be between the two selected cards.


SKU: GD-0014
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